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At Dee Image Co. we use only the best products and the latest tecniques to ensure that your experience is hands down the best availible.

Please take some time to look through our gallery and decide for your self why people are talking about us.

"Pedicures are amazing...relaxing. The staff is warm and friendly. The atmosphere is welcoming and warm. It invites you to explore, ask questions, and, most of all, to have fun while doing so."

Great job! I love my nails and everyone there is so friendly! I definitely recommend coming here, best nail set i have ever had! Thanks so much :)

Stratford Ontario is lucky to have Dee Image Company.This place is well known for master tech
experts in the beauty industry. WOW! The years of experience in the quality of services and recognition is outstanding! AMAZING!

Dee's services are superior and her personality and customer service makes this shop so inviting! I can't wait for my pedicure and to check out all the great items she has to offer in her boutique!

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